Wifi solutions for your business, home, apartments, hotel or retail space. Connect to Your Customers with Facebook Wi-Fi, allows you to Turn your business into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and boost your social media presence.  We have many clients using this solution with great success, below are a few.

Share Wifi with other small businesses to lower your monthly bill.  We provide many Wi-Fi solutions to meet your needs.  Contact us today for a free quote.

Citronica One Apartments:  We designed, installed, and configured this 5 story 58 Unit apartment building in San Diego.  It provides free Wi-Fi access for all of it’s residents.  It averages about 110 users per day on this network.  This network has been running for over 3 years.

Wi-Fi Hot Spot
Comp Components Wi-Fi Hot Spot Solutions.

Spuntino Pizzeria – Temecula:  Spuntino Pizzeria is using our Facbook Wi-Fi check-in solution to provide free internet to it’s customers.  In return customers share their location with their friends to help spread the word about how good the food and services is at this location.  All check-in’s can be viewed in the Facebook business page.

Temecula Wifi
Facebook Wi-Fi Check-ins